The aim of Barrios Orquestados is to advocate for the cultural democracy through musical training of children, young people and their families from historically deprived areas with limited social and cultural opportunities.


We are happy that Barrios Orquestados has already been able to open its doors to those who wish to spend their free time volunteering with our project, expanding culture in the Canary Islands!

(…) and for us to fly in the atmosphere, the concerted forces of the sun, amber, magnets and wills are necessary,

but, of all this, the most important are the wills, without them, the earth would not let us rise up (…)

José Saramago (Convent memorial)

We offer you three ways for action, you can choose which one suits your ideals and interests best.

Cultural volunteering, to promote and defend the right of access to culture and, in particular, the cultural integration of all people, the promotion and protection of cultural identity, the defense and safeguarding of cultural heritage and participation in the cultural life of the community.

Social volunteering, to carry out interventions with people facing situations of vulnerability, deprivation and lack of rights or opportunities to provide them with a better quality of life and greater social cohesion and justice.

Educational volunteering, to improve the opportunities for extracurricular and complementary activities as a solidarity action planned and integrated in the education system and in the community, in order to contribute to bridge the existing gap among students due to social, personal and economic differences, by providing with service-learning programmes.