To achieve social transformation in socially and culturally disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the Canary Islands and beyond. In order to build communities, we create children's orchestras and children's and teenage choirs, as well as family choirs.

All our projects are connected to the social and cultural situations of the area where they are implemented. In these regions there are social situations that need to be addressed and where certain sectors of society remain excluded or in a situation of clear vulnerability.

We aim at building a society that offers equal opportunities for everybody so people can improve their self-esteem. A society that promotes values such as individual and group commitments in order to have a positive coexistence.

By participating in the project, the beneficiaries have free and direct access to a quality cultural offer, regardless of their socio-economic background.

In this way, Barrios Orquestados creates a large orchestra in which to grow, belong to a community and enjoy the opportunities of culture as a tool for global change.

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